5 Techniques To Double Your Income With Paid Online Surveys

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Here are 5 easy things you can do to start earning a lot more with online surveys…without necessarily having to work harder.

Making money with online surveys has become quite tough. Not because of the business model but mostly because of the competition. There are a lot of people out there trying to get their pound of bacon in the online surveys world. Those who actually make a good and consistent income from paid surveys are mostly the persistent ones.

Earning a quick $50 here and there with surveys is not hard. It’s earning a consistent $500 a week that’s quite hard. Your earnings with paid surveys can vary greatly over the course of a month.

The secret to making a full time income while working only part time is to set yourself up to win. You need to learn and then use the “secrets” of the super successful. They do things a little different and it’s these small differences that earns them the big pay checks every month. Here are 5 very effective techniques that you can use to double your income with paid online surveys.

1. Join Multiple Programs
Joining one or two programs and hoping that they will earn you $100/day is just unrealistic. When you join with multiple programs you multiply the amount of surveys you get. The more surveys you do, the more money you make. Simple as that. One survey company is just not enough to feed you a steady stream of surveys.

2. Nominate Yourself For Maximum Surveys
When you register with a company they will ask you how many surveys you are willing (or capable) of doing a week. Most people think too “realistic” when they answer that question. Just put down the maximum they allow. You will never get that amount anyway, but by saying you want to do the maximum you will get a lot more.

3. Your Hobbies and Interests
When you register you will be asked about your hobbies and your interests. Most people skip over this – thinking it’s not important. Big mistake. You need to pay a lot of attention on filling out this part. Come up with as many interests and hobbies you have – even if it’s just hobbies you would like to have. As long as you know something about it, put it down.

4. Go After All Types Of Surveys
Although online surveys are what most people are focused on, many companies still conduct certain surveys in a different formats. Not all surveys are just online forms. There are a lot of phone surveys and interactive focus group surveys that pay very well. You can earn a lot more with these types of surveys and they are much more interesting. Make sure you opt into this when you fill out your application or update your profiles to check this option.

5. Be Proactive
Survey companies want people who are on the ball. They don’t want to chase you or get mediocre surveys from anyone. You need to build your reputation with these surveys companies and if you proof yourself to be reliable and diligent they WILL remember you. This is how you get more surveys and better surveys. Always respond to invitations promptly, return surveys on time and don’t just wait for things to come your way. It’s not hard to stand out and when a company picks up on you, you can quickly start earning some good money from decent surveys.
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